The Garden

The Grass


Is artificial, so usable all year round, rain, sun and snow! It has a critical fall height rating for 1.5 meters, which means that the children can jump from play equipment of that height and the risk of receiving a significant injury is reduced.

The Aeroplane Seesaw


Capable of seating seven children at once. We have had many wonderful journeys and gone on many holidays on this plane. Oh and the occasional crash!

Climbing Castle


Ladders, a climbing slope and the easiest way to get to the top, the 2 level platform climb, followed by a slide into the moat. Who will be the 'King of the Castle' today?




Let your creative side out, or try copying the letters.

The Slide


An old favourite.


The Cubes


These interlocking cubes can be put together anyway we wish, with easy to climb stairs, a bridge and slide to get down or if you're brave enough why not JUMP!


Oh and did I mention that you can go under them as well!


Outside Reading Corner


Need a rest from all that running around? Grab a book and see what magical lands and wonderful people it will introduce you to.

Fidget Board


Come and have a fiddle.  We've been told the 'Gruffalo' is hiding behind, so far we've not been able to open the door to let him out!!

Decking Area


Here we have our Sit and Ride toys, Forest School, Wendy house and Storage Shed.

Sit and Ride


Just a selection of our sit and ride toys. Here we have a Police car and an Ice-cream van but what will they be next?

Forest School

Our newest addition to our outside play! In this area we have logs, stones, plants and the occasional mini beast! We can create dens with our sticks, stepping stones with our logs and homes for the mini beasts.  A firm favourite with the children who like getting 'back to nature' 

The Tarmac


Construction Area

For the budding builder! We have giant lego blocks, a cement mixer and hard hats for when the construction gets 'serious' 

Hand Wash


Who wants their outside fun to be interruped by having to go inside to wash their hands after playing in the mud kitchen? Not us!! That is why we have an outside hand washing station, no more wasted time traipsing indoors when we could be playing!!

Mud Kitchen

This is where the children's culinary imaginations can really run wild.  The staff have been witness to some amazing creations, such as mud bread, cakes and the old favourite mud pie!!

Sand Pit


Having any old sand pit wasn't good enough for us.  Bob has created a custom one for our children where they can dig and create sandcastles to their hearts content.  

Water Play Area


When the sun is out what better way to keep the kids cool than have water squirters, buckets, jugs and the occasional rubber duck!