The Building


This is a 1930's semi detached house which, in 2012, had a large extension added to the back and side.          

Duckling's is based in the lower ground floor of the house which is accessed by the back door.      

The upper levels of the house are where Sarah and Bob live with their two children Terry and Nessa. Not forgetting Buttons the pug.


Play Room 1

In here we have a large selection of toys ranging from bricks and cars, to a snug reading corner.          

There is a versatile role play area, which can be changed to accommodate the childrens' changing interests, so far this year we have had a cafe, garden centre, vets and space station. We even have a home corner where the children can whip up a teddy bears picnic or 'bake' some cakes.      

We have Bifold doors in this room so during the summer we can throw open the doors and the children can have the run of the garden as well.


Messy Play

The name says it all, MESS!!          

You name it we will have it out at some point, slime, flour, snow, ice, spaghetti and the good old favourites sand and water.  We believe in encouraging children to learn through sensory exploration, and how better to do that, than making a huge mess???


Sensory Room

We have a wonderful sensory room complete with lots of flashing lights, light table, disco ball and lots of hand held lights and torches for the children to explore.          

This also doubles up as our sleeping area for the children to retreat to when ever they need.          

We have a selection of different sleeping arrangements from cots to camp beds depending on your child's stage of development.


Play Room 2

This is our table top room, where we have a large selection of games and jigsaws as well as all our mark making equipment and play-doh area.  

Everything is at child height, to make it easy for your child to select from paper, pens, glue or tape, whatever they want to use. They can create with our junk modelling section and really let their imagination run wild.


Toilets and Nappy Change

We have two child size toilets, one is fully enclosed for our independent users, one which staff can easily access, to assist children who are still training and of course the potty's.  

Then there is the nappy change area for our youngest clients with an extra thick, anti-roll, padded mat for comfort.

0 to 2 Year Old (coming soon)


Eggs (Under 1's)

Fully equipped for our youngest client with their own dedicated milk kitchen and sleeping area.

And their very own nappy change area with thick ant role mat for extra comfort.


Ducklings (over 2's) Carpet Room

An area to relax in, or let your imagination loose with our happy land, train track or integrative vetch garage. This area also doubles up as the sleep area with low camper beds for you little one to have a well deserved rest after all of the excitement and fun.


Ducklings (over 2's) Mark Making Room

Paint, felt tips, Junk modelling and snipping are just some of the exciting thing you little one will get to enjoy. All arrange at their height so no needing to ask they can just dive right in.

Their very own nappy change area with extra large mat and lot of inviting potties to choose from.